Automatic transmission: Quiz

Question 1: Parallel to the development in the 1930s of an automatically-shifting gearbox was ________'s work on adapting the fluid coupling to automotive use.
Chrysler Chapter 11 reorganizationChryslerGeneral Motors Chapter 11 reorganizationGeneral Motors

Question 2: The next significant phase in the automatic transmission's development occurred in 1908 with the introduction of ________'s remarkable Model T.
Ford Motor CompanyCharles LindberghHenry FordFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 3: An exception to this is the Hondamatic line from ________, which uses sliding gears on parallel axes like a manual transmission without any planetary gearsets.

Question 4: Hydraulic automatic transmissions are almost always less energy efficient than ________ due mainly to viscous and pumping losses; both in the torque converter and the hydraulic actuators.
Semi-automatic transmissionContinuously variable transmissionTransmission (mechanics)Manual transmission

Question 5: Some machines with limited speed ranges or fixed engine speeds, such as some ________ and lawn mowers, only use a torque converter to provide a variable gearing of the engine to the wheels.
GasolineInternal combustion engineForklift truckCompressed natural gas

Question 6: The first torque converter automatic, ________'s Dynaflow, was introduced for the 1948 model year.

Question 7: ________ (CVTs), which are very different to conventional automatic transmissions, can change their 'ratios' over a wider 'stepless' range, rather than between a set of fixed gear ratios.
Hub gearTransmission (mechanics)Continuously variable transmissionDerailleur gears

Question 8: These developments in automatic gearbox and fluid coupling technology eventually culminated in the introduction in 1939 of the General Motors ________, the world's first mass-produced automatic transmission.
HydramaticTorque converterAutomobileTurbo-Hydramatic

Question 9: The predominant form of automatic transmission is hydraulically operated; using a ________ or torque converter, and a set of planetary gearsets to provide a range of gear ratios.
Fluid couplingDiesel locomotiveTransmission (mechanics)Automobile

Question 10: Unfortunately, the ________ of the time wasn't up to the task, and owing to the abruptness of the gear change, the transmission would often fail without warning.
ArchaeologyMetallurgyMiningMaterials science

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