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Automata theory: Quiz


Question 1: Automata theory is closely related to ________ as the automata are often classified by the class of formal languages they are able to recognize.
Formal grammarRegular languageContext-free grammarFormal language

Question 2: John E. Hopcroft, ________, Jeffrey D. Ullman (2000).
Alexander RazborovRajeev MotwaniMario SzegedySilvio Micali

Question 3: Automata play a major role in ________ and parsing.
Programming languageCompiler optimizationAssembly languageCompiler

Question 4: An automaton is a mathematical model for a ________ (FSM).
Nondeterministic finite state machineDeterministic finite-state machineTuring machineFinite-state machine

Question 5: For example, the ________ or topological automaton has uncountable infinity of states.
QubitQuantum finite automataQuantum computerStabilizer code

Question 6: Most implementations of automatons are used to make a software recognize a certain language, common examples are ________ and regular expression engines.
Compiler optimizationCompilerAssembly languageProgramming language

Question 7: It may accept the input with some ________ between zero and one.
Frequency probabilityStatisticsProbabilityRandom variable

Question 8: For example, quantum finite automaton, ________ and metric automaton has probabilistic acceptance.
Stabilizer codeQuantum computerQubitQuantum finite automata

Question 9: Infinite states: An automaton may not have a finite number of states, or even a ________ number of states.
Set (mathematics)Georg CantorCountable setCardinal number


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