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Autoland: Quiz


Question 1: The severity of this type of fog was exacerbated in the late 1940s and 1950s by the prevalence of carbon and other smoke particles in the air from ________ burning heating and power generation.
CoalHydroelectricityGrid energy storageWind power

Question 2: The first aircraft to be certified to ________ standards was the Sud Aviation Caravelle, followed by the Hawker-Siddeley HS.121 Trident.
VHF omnidirectional rangeMarker beaconInstrument landing systemInstrument approach

Question 3: BOAC VC10 Automatic Landing (1968) at British Pathe (requires ________)
Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe FlashAdobe After EffectsAdobe Dreamweaver

Question 4: However as display technology has developed the addition of a ________ (HUD) allows for a trained pilot to manually fly the aircraft using guidance cues from the flight guidance system.
AirbagGlobal Positioning SystemHead-up displayHeadlamp

Question 5: According to the ________, the airplane was on a full autoland approach at a height of 1950 ft / 595 m when the left Radio Altimeter suddenly misreported a height of -8 ft.
Glass cockpitFADECAircraft lavatoryFlight data recorder

Question 6: Commercial aviation autoland was initially developed in ________, as a result of the frequent occurrence of very low visibility conditions in winter in North-west Europe.
Great BritainUnited KingdomEnglandScotland

Question 7: The localizer signal of the ILS may be used for lateral control even after touchdown until the pilot disengages the ________.
AutopilotGlass cockpitAircraft flight control systemInertial navigation system

Question 8: These occur particularly when ________ are in place over central Europe in November/December/January when temperatures are low, and radiation fog forms easily in relatively stable air.
Tropical cycloneSynoptic scale meteorologyAnticycloneHigh-pressure area

Question 9: On February 25, 2009, a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (________) crashed about a mile (1500m) short of the runway at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
Air France Flight 447Northwest Airlines Flight 253Turkish Airlines Flight 1951Colgan Air Flight 3407

Question 10: Early Autoland systems needed a relatively stable air mass and could not operate in conditions of ________ and in particular gusty crosswinds.
Reynolds numberTurbulenceFluid dynamicsDrag (physics)


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