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Question 1: In modern cryptography, self-synchronizing ________ are autokey ciphers.
Stream cipherRC4Weak keyT-function

Question 2: ________ used the first letter of each word as a primer to start his text autokey.
Patrician (post-Roman Europe)Alberti cipherGiovan Battista BellasoLeon Battista Alberti

Question 3: Most modern stream ciphers are based on ________: the key is used to initialize the generator, and either key bytes or plaintext bytes are fed back into the generator to produce more bytes.
Pseudorandom number generatorRandom number generationHardware random number generatorCryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator

Question 4: An autokey cipher (also known as the autoclave cipher) is a ________ which incorporates the message (the plaintext) into the key.
Substitution cipherOne-time padCryptanalysisCipher

Question 5: The first autokey cipher was invented by ________, and contained a fatal defect.
Gerolamo CardanoRenaissanceItalyNiccolò Fontana Tartaglia


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