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Autofellatio: Quiz


Question 1: In ________' 1970 semi-autobiographical novel The Hand-Reared Boy, he describes group masturbation practices at a British boys' boarding school.
Science fictionArthur C. ClarkeBrian AldissH. G. Wells

Question 2: The 2006 opening sequence of ________ shows James (Paul Dawson) fellating himself which he videos while a neighbor voyeuristically watches.
John Cameron MitchellSook-Yin LeeDaniela SeaShortbus

Question 3: [1] Autofellatio is a niche in both gay and straight ________.
PornographyPhotographyHolographyNude photography

Question 4: Almost broke my back."[13] Kevin Smith later developed a similar theme ("He broke his neck trying to suck his own dick") in his 1994 debut film ________.
View AskewniverseClerks IIDante HicksClerks

Question 5: While relatively few pornographic films involve autofellatio, some pornographic actors are noted for this skill including ________ for his 1970s examples on film.
Ron JeremyEmmanuel LewisCorey FeldmanBrigitte Nielsen

Question 6: Comedian ________ elaborated an oft-quoted riff on the subject of fellatio, "A woman one night yelled out, 'Yeah, you ever try it?' I said, yeah.
George CarlinBill HicksLenny BruceDenis Leary

Question 7: [1] However, increased flexibility achieved via gravity-assisted positions, and physical training such as gymnastics, ________, or yoga may make it possible for some.
ContortionPatent medicineHypermobilityJoint dislocation

Question 8: Autofellatio is the act of oral stimulation of one's own penis as a form of ________.
OrgasmSexual intercourseMasturbationHuman sexual behavior

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