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Autocracy: Quiz


Question 1: Historically, many monarchs ruled autocratically but eventually their power was diminished and dissolved with the introduction of ________ giving the people the power to make decisions for themselves through elected bodies of government.
LawConstitutionUnited KingdomDemocracy

Question 2: Compare with oligarchy ("rule by the few") and ________ ("rule by the people").
John LockeAuthoritarianismDemocracyGottfried Leibniz

Question 3: An autocracy is a ________ in which one person possesses unlimited power[1].
RepublicDemocracyMonarchyForm of government

Question 4: Autocracy is not synonymous with totalitarianism, as the latter concept was forged in 1923 to distinguish modern regimes from traditional ________.
FascismDictatorshipMilitary dictatorshipPuppet state

Question 5: Today the term autocrat is usually understood as being synonymous with despot, tyrant and ________, although each of these terms originally had a separate and distinct meaning.
Military dictatorshipDictatorDictatorshipItaly

Question 6: Nor is it synonymous with ________, as these often take the form of "collective presidencies" such as the South American juntas.
MonarchyMilitary dictatorshipFascismParliamentary republic


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