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Autoclave: Quiz


Question 1: There are ________, chemical, and biological indicators that can be used to ensure an autoclave reaches the correct temperature for the correct amount of time.
Particle physicsPhysicsUniverseQuantum mechanics

Question 2: Flow is usually controlled through the use of a steam trap or a ________ valve, but bleed holes are sometimes used, often in conjunction with a solenoid valve.
ElectromagnetStarter solenoidSolenoidMagnetic field

Question 3: Some ________ or other products that may be damaged by the steam must also be sterilized another way.
PapermakingFourdrinier machinePaperPulp (paper)

Question 4: However, prions, like those associated with ________, may not be destroyed by autoclaving at the typical 134° C for 3 minutes or 121° C for 15 minutes.
Alzheimer's diseaseAIDS dementia complexCreutzfeldt–Jakob diseaseHuntington's disease

Question 5: This means that all bacteria, viruses, ________, and spores are inactivated.

Question 6: If the autoclave does not reach the right temperature, when incubated the spores will ________, and their metabolism will change the color of a pH-sensitive chemical.
SeedGerminationPlantFlowering plant

Question 7: Because damp heat is used, heat-labile products (such as some ________) cannot be sterilized this way or they will melt.
PolystyrenePlasticPolyvinyl chloridePolycarbonate

Question 8: Stove top autoclaves actually resemble a ________ pressure cooker.
United StatesCanadaCulinary artToronto

Question 9: ________ indicators can be found on medical packaging and autoclave tape, and these change color once the correct conditions have been met.
CarbonChemical substanceOxygenChemistry

Question 10: Biological indicators contain ________ of a heat-resistant bacterium, Geobacillus stearothermophilus.
SporePlantCell wallFern


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