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Autocephaly: Quiz


Question 1: Liturgy and Worship
Sign of the cross
Divine Liturgy

Question 2: Theology
Hesychasm - Icon
Apophaticism - ________
Miaphysitism - Monophysitism
Nestorianism - Theosis - Theoria
Phronema - Philokalia
Praxis - Theotokos
Hypostasis - Ousia
Essence-Energies distinction
Ecumenical councilFilioqueEast–West SchismCatholic Church

Question 3: Similarly, the Georgian Orthodox Church was granted autocephaly (independent) in 466 by the Patriarchate of ________, the Tewahedo Church of Ethiopia was granted autocephaly by the Coptic pope in 1950, and the Orthodox Church in America was granted autocephaly by the Patriarch of Moscow in 1970.

Question 4: Autocephaly, in ________ Christian churches and especially Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches, is the status of a hierarchical church whose head bishop does not report to any higher-ranking bishop.
Organizational hierarchyBiological organisationHierarchyHuman

Question 5: Traditions
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Syriac Christianity
Eastern Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic theologyLatin RiteEast–West Schism

Question 6: (The Greek Orthodox Church in North America is not autocephalous, but is subject to the ________).
Ecumenical Patriarchate of ConstantinopleHistory of the Orthodox ChurchEcumenical Patriarch of ConstantinopleEcumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople

Question 7: History
Ecumenical council
Christianization of Bulgaria
Christianization of Kievan Rus'
East-West Schism
By region
Asian - Copts
Eastern Orthodox - Georgian - Ukrainian
Western Roman EmpireRoman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmByzantine Empire

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