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Autobot: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following people founded Autobot?

Question 2: ________- known in the US as Powermaster Optimus Prime
PowermastersGinraiTransformers: Super-God MasterforceTransformers: Generation 1

Question 3: During the battle, all the Decepticons are destroyed, except for Starscream, Barricade and ________, but the Autobots lose one of their members, Jazz.
Transformers (comics)Transformers: UniverseScorponokBotCon

Question 4: Rodimus Prime- ________ upgraded via the Autobot Matrix of Leadership
Volkswagen BeetleAutomobileCustom carHot rod

Question 5: ________- Female Autobot Commander
Shockwave (Transformers)IronhideElita OneRavage (Transformers)

Question 6: This CG series and its sequel ________ used the G1 cartoon as a historical base.
BotConTransformers: UniverseBeast Wars: TransformersBeast Machines

Question 7: The city then received messages from the bases on Cybertron's moons being devoured by the transformer demi-god ________.
Soundwave (Transformers)BotConUnicronTransformers: Universe

Question 8: ________, a Ducati motorcycle, amongst other Autobots make their live-action debut.
The Transformers (TV series)Transformers: UniverseShockwave (Transformers)Arcee

Question 9: For a brief time, the Decepticon ________ held the matrix, but when Optimus Prime reclaimed it, Thunderwing's presence was purged from the Matrix.
UnicronThunderwingTransformers: UniverseSoundwave (Transformers)

Question 10: In the live-action film "Transformers", the Autobots arrived on ________ to find the All Spark in an effort to restore a destroyed Cybertron.


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