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Question 1: Probably the best known bass guitar line with envelope follower controlled auto-wah applied is "Sir Psycho Sexy" - ________.
Red Hot Chili PeppersFlea (musician)Mother's MilkBlood Sugar Sex Magik

Question 2: It is commonly used with a bass guitar and many fine examples can be found by listening to recordings by ________.
Bootsy CollinsFuzzy HaskinsLiving on Another FrequencyBernie Worrell

Question 3: Another notable example is Higher Ground by ________, where the main effect was created by playing a Clavinet through an auto-wah.
We Are the WorldSuperstition (song)Stevie Wonder discographyStevie Wonder

Question 4: The song "Falling Into Grace" by ________ is a good example of an LFO controlled auto-wah applied to the bass guitar.
Blood Sugar Sex MagikFlea (musician)Red Hot Chili PeppersMother's Milk

Question 5: Auto-wah (also known as an "envelope following filter" or just "envelope filter") is a type of wah-wah effects pedal typically used with electric guitar, ________, clavinet, and electric piano etc.
Steel-string acoustic guitarJazz guitarLead guitarBass guitar

Question 6: The distinctive choppy rhythm guitar sound on many funk and ________ recordings from the 1970s popularized the effect.
DiscoNightclubPost-discoFreestyle music


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