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Question 1: ________, Economy and Society (1922)
Karl MarxMax WeberAustrian SchoolSocialism

Question 2: The Tudor dynasty in England and the ruling families of Mewar, in ________ (India) are some examples of traditional authority.
JaipurThar DesertHaryanaRajasthan

Question 3: One example would be a port authority like the ________.
River ThamesPort of LondonIsle of DogsTideway

Question 4: In ________, authority is often used interchangeably with the term "power".

Question 5: Cristi 2005), and the requirements of political obligations have been core questions from Plato and ________ to the present.
Willard Van Orman QuineEmpiricismAristotleBertrand Russell

Question 6: Essentially authority is imposed by superiors upon inferiors either by force of arms (structural authority) or by force of ________ (sapiential authority).
Informal logicAristotleInductive reasoningArgument

Question 7: Examples in this regard can be NT Rama Rao, a matinee idol, who went on to become one of the most powerful Chief Ministers of ________.
Hyderabad, IndiaMaharashtraTelanganaAndhra Pradesh

Question 8: For this reason, as used in ________ authority is differentiated potestas (legal or military power) and imperium (persuasive political rank or standing).
Ancient RomeRoman lawRoman SenateRoman Constitution

Question 9: They are usually created by special legislation and are run by a ________.
Board of directorsChief financial officerCorporate governanceChief risk officer

Question 10: They are usually required to be self-supporting through ________ or other forms of collection or fees for services.
Land value taxProperty taxTax havenPublic finance


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