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Question 1: Author surrogacy is a frequently observed phenomenon in hobbyist and amateur writing, so much that fan fiction critics have evolved the term ________ to refer to an idealized author surrogate.
Real person fictionFictional crossoverSlash fictionMary Sue

Question 2: Michael Crichton used his character Ian Malcolm to express views on catastrophic system failure in his novel ________.
The Lost World (Crichton novel)Jurassic ParkSphere (novel)Airframe (novel)

Question 3: As a ________, an author surrogate is a character who expresses the ideas, questions, personality and morality of the author.
NovelLiteratureLiterary techniquePoetry

Question 4: This can take the form of a realistic depiction of the author (Benjamin in ________), or a negative (Woody Allen in many of his films) or positive depiction of the author.
Homage to CataloniaAnimal FarmNineteen Eighty-FourGeorge Orwell

Question 5: British writer ________ used the author-surrogate 'Philo' in the Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantFriedrich NietzscheDavid Hume

Question 6: Perhaps the best-known philosophical author-surrogate is Socrates in the writings of ________.
AristotleImmanuel KantPlatoBertrand Russell


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