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Question 1: Efforts to control the supply chain and educate consumers to evaluate the ________ help ensure that authentic products are sold and used.
Packaging and labelingWaste managementPlasticRecycling

Question 2: If an original ________, typewritten text, or recording is available, then the medium itself (or its packaging - anything from a box to e-mail headers) can help prove or disprove the authenticity of the document.
ManuscriptBookPapyrusManuscript culture

Question 3: A wide range of techniques, from detective work to fact checking in journalism, to scientific ________ might be employed.
ExperimentStatistical unitInteraction (statistics)Randomized controlled trial

Question 4: The opposite problem is detection of ________, where information from a different author is passed of as a person's own work.
Copyright infringementPlagiarismAcademic dishonestyMusical plagiarism

Question 5: One familiar use of authentication and authorization is ________.
Access controlDoorPhysical securityDoor security

Question 6: For example, the ________ network does not require a personal identification number for authentication of the claimed identity; and a small transaction usually do not even require a signature of the authenticated person for proof of authorization of the transaction.
Visa Inc.American ExpressDebit cardCredit card

Question 7: This might involve confirming the identity of a person, tracing the origins of an artifact, ensuring that a product is what its ________ claims to be, or assuring that a computer program is a trusted one.
Waste managementRecyclingPackaging and labelingPlastic

Question 8: the knowledge factors: Something the user knows (e.g., a password, ________, or personal identification number (PIN))
Password strengthOpenBSDPassphraseKey (cryptography)

Question 9: In ________ and antiques certificates are of great importance, authenticating an object of interest and value.

Question 10: In a computer data context, cryptographic methods have been developed (see ________ and challenge-response authentication) which are currently not spoofable if and only if the originator's key has not been compromised.
Public key infrastructurePublic-key cryptographyDigital signatureRSA


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