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Austrian Silesia: Quiz


Question 1: As part of the Bohemian kingdom, Silesia was inherited by Archduke Ferdinand I from the ________ in 1526 after the death of the last Jagiellon king Louis II at the Battle of Mohács.
Hohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of BonaparteHouse of BourbonHouse of Habsburg

Question 2: Austrian Silesia consisted of two territories, separated by the Moravian land strip of Moravské Ostrava between the Ostravice and ________ rivers.
OderRecovered TerritoriesSzczecinWestern Pomerania

Question 3: In the east the Biała river at Bielsko separated it from the lands of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Austrian ________ from 1772.
Kingdom of Galicia and LodomeriaGalicia (Eastern Europe)Carpathian RutheniaWest Ukrainian People's Republic

Question 4: The Duchy of Upper and Lower Silesia (German: Herzogtum Ober- und Niederschlesien) was an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Bohemia and the ________ and a Cisleithanian crown land of Austria–Hungary.
Austrian EmpireGerman ConfederationLiechtensteinPrussia

Question 5: Austrian Silesia was connected by rail with the capital ________, when the Northern Railway was extended to Bohumín station in 1847.


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