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Austrian School: Quiz


Question 1:, official website of the ________, containing a large selection of online books, video/audio, journal archives, and research on Austrian economics
Ludwig von Mises InstituteAnarcho-capitalismFriedrich von HayekMurray Rothbard

Question 2: This methodology is also driven by the belief that ________ is inherently misleading in that it creates a fallacious "precision" in economics where there is none.
Law and economicsEconomic historyHeterodox economicsEconometrics

Question 3: Von Mises called this discipline "________" – a term he adapted from Alfred Espinas (but which had been in use by others).
PraxeologyAustrian SchoolFriedrich von HayekMurray Rothbard

Question 4: Austrian economic ideas are also promoted heavily by bodies such as the ________ and the Foundation for Economic Education.
Murray RothbardFriedrich von HayekLudwig von Mises InstituteLudwig von Mises

Question 5: Given that all major economies currently have a central bank supporting the private ________ system, almost all new money is supplied into the economy by way of bank-created credit (or debt).
Investment bankingOffshore bankCommercial bankBank

Question 6: Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk's demonstration that the law of marginal utility, as formulated by Menger necessarily implies the classical law of costs and hence the vast majority of the conclusions of the British ________.
Classical economicsThomas Robert MalthusJohn Stuart MillDavid Ricardo

Question 7: Austrian economics is closely associated with the advocacy of ________ views.
CapitalismAnarcho-capitalismKeynesian economicsLaissez-faire

Question 8: ________ are explained by aggregating over the decisions of individuals, following the precepts of methodological individualism, which asserts that only individuals and not collectives make decisions, and marginalist arguments, which compare the costs and benefits for incremental changes.
Supply and demandMicroeconomicsNeoclassical economicsKeynesian economics

Question 9: Other prominent Austrian School economists of the 20th century include Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard, and Nobel Laureate ________.
Free marketFriedrich von HayekLew RockwellLudwig von Mises

Question 10: [29] ________, investor and financial commentator, also considers himself of the Austrian School of economics,[30] as does political columnist Vox Day.
United StatesJim Rogers1993Fox News Channel

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