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Austrasia: Quiz


Question 1: Under the Carolingians and subsequently, Austrasia is sometimes used as a denominator for the east of their realm, the ________.
Carolingian EmpireCharlemagneFranciaLouis the Pious

Question 2: These three kingdoms defined the political division of Francia until the rise of the ________ and even thereafter.
CharlemagneCarolingian dynastyCharles the SimpleLouis the Younger

Question 3: After the death of the Frankish king ________ in 511, his four sons partitioned his kingdom amongst themselves, with Theuderic I receiving the lands that were to become Austrasia.
FranciaChildebert IMerovingian dynastyClovis I

Question 4: Chlothar then took control of the other two kingdoms and set up a united Frankish kingdom with its capital in ________.
MarseilleParisVersaillesÉvry, Essonne

Question 5: Austrasia was also used as a term for northeast ________, as opposed to Neustria, which meant the northwest.

Question 6: In 718, ________, with Austrasian support in his war against Neustria, each struggling to unite Francia under their hegemony, appointed one Chlothar IV to rule in Austrasia.
Pepin the ShortCharles MartelLouis the PiousCharlemagne

Question 7: Metz served as its capital, although some Austrasian kings ruled from Rheims, Trier, and ________ also.

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