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Australosphenida: Quiz


Question 1: The surviving species consist of the platypus and 4 species of ________.
Short-beaked EchidnaMonotremeEchidnaMammal

Question 2: Ausktribosphenida†, including the genera Ambondro, Asfaltomylos, Ausktribosphenos, Bishops, and Henosferus from the Middle Jurassic to Lower ________ of Argentina, Madagascar and Australia.
Geologic time scaleDinosaurCretaceousCretaceous–Tertiary extinction event

Question 3: Today, living specimens exist only in Australia and New Guinea with only five surviving species, but fossils have been found in Madagascar and ________.
ChileBuenos AiresArgentinaBrazil

Question 4: ________, divided into families Kollikodontidae†, Ornithorhynchidae (platypus), Steropodontidae† and Tachyglossidae (echidnas) and the genus Kryoryctes;


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