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Australian court hierarchy: Quiz


Question 1: A single judge of the Family Court may hear appeals in family law matters from the ________.
Federal Magistrates CourtFamily Court of Western AustraliaFamily Court of AustraliaAustralian court hierarchy

Question 2: The three external territories are Norfolk Island, ________ and Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
SingaporeTokelauNew CaledoniaChristmas Island

Question 3: Decisions in inferior courts normally (but not always) can be appealed to the Superior Court in that area (eg, from a District Court to a Supreme Court; or from the Federal Magistrates' Court to the ________ or Federal Court of Australia).
Constitution of AustraliaFamily Court of AustraliaAustralian family lawFamily Court of Western Australia

Question 4: Uniquely among the states, Western Australia took up the option of establishing its own Family Court in 1975, and in that state all jurisdiction under the Family Law Act 1975 is exercised by the ________ and not the Family Court of Australia.
Supreme Court of Western AustraliaWestern Australian Legislative AssemblyFamily Court of Western AustraliaGovernment of Western Australia

Question 5: ________
Lieutenant Governor of New South WalesNew South Wales Court of AppealSupreme Court of New South WalesGovernor of New South Wales

Question 6: These courts among them have jurisdiction over ________ law, that is, law made by the Federal parliament of Australia.
United KingdomCommonwealthUnited StatesCanada

Question 7: It has ________ jurisdiction over all other courts.
Common lawAppealJuryLawsuit

Question 8: The ________ was established in 1999 by the Federal Magistrates Service Act 1999 (but now known as the Federal Magistrates Court Act 1999)[1].
Family Court of Western AustraliaFamily Court of AustraliaFederal Magistrates CourtAustralian court hierarchy

Question 9: The principles of ________ (binding law from higher courts) are the same as for the Federal Court.
United StatesSupreme courtCommon lawStare decisis

Question 10: It is a superior court of limited jurisdiction and was established in 1975 by the ________ by the federal parliament.
Federal Magistrates CourtAustraliaFamily Law Act 1975Gough Whitlam


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