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Question 1: Examples are television/film personalities Steve Irwin, and ________.
Paul HoganRobin WilliamsMichael CaineDudley Moore

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Australian English have?
Member of Parliament for West Lothian
Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
Pete Jackson Is Getting Married
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Question 3: Although ________, referring to a well-known wooden musical instrument, is often thought of as an Aboriginal word, it is now believed to be an onomatopoeic word invented by English speakers.
GuamIndigenous Australian musicIndigenous AustraliansDidgeridoo

Question 4: Australian English and several British English dialects (for example, ________, Scouse, Glaswegian and Geordie) use the word mate.
Estuary EnglishCockneyEnglish languageYorkshire dialect

Question 5: [14] Like most dialects of English it is distinguished primarily by its vowel ________.
International Phonetic AlphabetPhonologyIrish phonologyEnglish phonology

Question 6: They often, but not always, reflect the ________ or educational background of the speaker.
Social stratificationUpper classWorking classSocial class

Question 7: This may also be done with people's names to create ________ (other English speaking countries create similar diminutives).

Question 8: Australian English began diverging from ________ shortly after the foundation of the Australian penal colony of New South Wales in 1788.
British EnglishCanadian EnglishEnglish languageAmerican English

Question 9: [citation needed] This is a quality that it shares with ________.
AlaskaEnglish languageUnited StatesAmerican English

Question 10: British convicts sent there, (including ________ from London[2]), came mostly from large English cities.
CockneyEstuary EnglishBritish EnglishEnglish language

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