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Question 1: Australia is the smallest of the geographic ________, though not of geological continents.
North AmericaContinentAsiaEurope

Question 2:
Who many cities took part in the Australia (continent)?
List of cities in Australia by population
Sunset Hills

Question 3: When ________ eventually separated from Antarctica, the development of the cold Antarctic Circumpolar Current changed weather patterns across the world.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasLatin America

Question 4: Bird life also flourished, in particular the ancestors of the great ________ order that would eventually spread to all parts of the globe and account for more than half of all living avian species.

Question 5: When the last ________ ended in about 10,000 BC, rising sea levels formed Bass Strait, separating Tasmania from the mainland.
Ice ageLast glacial periodLittle Ice AgeQuaternary glaciation

Question 6: ________ and monotremes also existed on other continents, but only in Australia-New Guinea did they out-compete the placental mammals and come to dominate.

Question 7: [1] There is no universally accepted definition of the word "continent"; the lay definition is "One of the main continuous bodies of land on the earth's surface." (________).
James Murray (lexicographer)American and British English spelling differencesOxford English DictionaryUnited Kingdom

Question 8: The collision also pushed up the islands of Wallacea, which served as island 'stepping-stones' that allowed plants from ________'s rainforests to colonise New Guinea, and some plants from Australia-New Guinea to move into Southeast Asia.
PhilippinesSoutheast AsiaMalaysiaSingapore

Question 9: Much of the long-established broad-leaf ________ forest began to give way to the distinctive hard-leaved sclerophyllous plants that characterise the modern Australian landscape.
Autumn leaf colorPlant hormoneBotanyDeciduous

Question 10: For many species, the primary refuge was the relatively cool and well-watered ________.
New England HighwayArmidale, New South WalesGreat Dividing RangeNew England (Australia)


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