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Question 1: ________  : Operation Reinhard • Auschwitz • Belzec • Chelmno • Majdanek • Sobibor • Treblinka
The HolocaustAuschwitz concentration campEinsatzgruppenExtermination camp

Question 2: On January 27, 1945, Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet troops, a day commemorated around the world as ________.
The HolocaustInternational Holocaust Remembrance DayHolocaust Memorial DayHolocaust denial

Question 3: After the war Auschwitz 1 and/or its guards' quarters served until 1947 as an ________ and MBP prison camp.
Eastern Bloc politicsKGBChekaNKVD

Question 4: The most infamous doctor at Auschwitz was ________, known as the "Angel of Death".
Gustav Wagner (SS officer)Josef MengeleAuschwitz concentration campFranz Stangl

Question 5: Only in the Lager [camp] was the restraint from below non-existent, and the power of these small ________ absolute.
SatrapAchaemenid AssyriaAchaemenid EmpireMedes

Question 6: ________, then a subsidiary of IG Farben, bought prisoners to use as guinea pigs for testing new drugs.

Question 7: Hirt committed suicide in Schonenbach, ________, on June 2, 1945 with a gunshot to the head.
AustriaPolandHungaryCzech Republic

Question 8:
Where is Auschwitz concentration camp?
Przemyu015Bl, Poland
Ou015Bwiu0119cim, German-occupied Poland
Easton, Pennsylvania and Gdansk, Poland
Sosnowiec, Poland

Question 9: Carl Clauberg injected chemicals into women's ________ in an effort to glue them shut.
UterusVulvaOvaryReproductive system

Question 10: They attacked the ________ with makeshift weapons: stones, axes, hammers, other work tools and homemade grenades.
Waffen-SSAdolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi Party

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