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Aurora (aircraft): Quiz


Question 1: ________, a delta winged supersonic bomber also developed in the 1950s.
Convair YB-60Convair B-36Convair XB-46B-58 Hustler

Question 2: It says, "it is acknowledged that some UAP sightings can be attributed to ________ aircraft programmes".
SecrecyEspionageClassified informationIntelligence (information gathering)

Question 3: The October 2006 issue of ________ has noted that the U.S. Air Force operations budget has a $9 billion hole, with no explanation as to where the money is headed.
Outdoor LifeTransworld SkateboardingPopular ScienceScience Illustrated

Question 4: The plane is mentioned with a link to the ________'s Skunk Works in Nick Cook's 2002 investigation book The Hunt for Zero Point.
Lockheed Martin U.K.Titan (rocket family)United Space AllianceLockheed Martin

Question 5: ________, a strategic reconnaissance aircraft, retired in 1998.
SR-71 BlackbirdLockheed VenturaLockheed XB-30P-2 Neptune

Question 6: Two ________ or representations have also been removed from the file before release.
Film speedPhotographyColor photographyPhotograph

Question 7: At the time, ________ was operating both the SR-71 and the U2-R from Edwards, but it has been confirmed that neither of these types were flying at the time Gaspipe was heard.
Space explorationSpace RaceNASAHuman spaceflight

Question 8:
What type is thing is Aurora (aircraft)?

Question 9: The plane was being used by the ________ in the episode to spy on North Korean ground movements.
Central Intelligence AgencyCold WarDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security Agency

Question 10: Gibson had been in the ________' trophy-winning international aircraft recognition team since 1980; in other words, he was highly skilled and experienced at identifying military aircraft.
Hugh Dowding, 1st Baron DowdingNo. 11 Group RAFRoyal Observer CorpsRAF Fighter Command


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