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Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Aurochs come from?
Late Pliocene to Holocene
Early Arenig

Question 2: Taxonomists who consider domesticated ________ a subspecies of the wild Aurochs should use B. primigenius taurus; the name B. taurus remains available for domestic cattle where it is considered to be a separate species.
Water BuffaloCattleWild boarDeer

Question 3: Remains of the beast, from specimens believed to have weighed more than a ton, have been found in Mesolithic sites around ________, Wales.
Nash, NewportWhitsonRedwick, NewportGoldcliff, Newport

Question 4: Domestic yak, gayal and ________ do not descend from aurochs.
GaurBantengWater BuffaloEld's Deer

Question 5:
What genus does Aurochs belong to?

Question 6: The South Asian domestic cattle, or zebu, descended from a different group of aurochs at the edge of the ________; this would explain the zebus' resistance to drought.
RajasthanAntarcticaThar DesertSahara

Question 7:
What phylum does Aurochs belong to?

Question 8:
What classis does Aurochs belong to?

Question 9:
What is the subfamilia of Aurochs?

Question 10: The original range of the aurochs was from Britain and Ireland and southern Scandinavia, to northern ________, the Middle East, India and central Asia.
Scramble for AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaAfricaAfrican Union

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