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Question 1: He described the most easily visible of these as being "light and denser than the air in which the body is immersed", typically half to quarter of an inch thick and correlating with the ________ of an individual.
Mental bodyEtheric planeSubtle bodyEtheric body

Question 2: [6][7] ________ fatigue can also produce an aura, sometimes referred to as eye burn.
EyeNervous systemBrainSensory system

Question 3: Around this he described a yard thick egg-shaped layer reflecting hormonal state that he linked to the ________, and outside this, other barely perceptible layers corresponding to the mental body and beyond.
Astral bodySubtle bodyPlane (esotericism)Mental plane

Question 4: [5] Some people see auras as the result of a migraine, epilepsy, a visual system disorder, or a ________ disorder.
DigestionBrainSensory systemNervous system

Question 5: According to the literature of Theosophy, ________, and Archeosophy, each color of the aura has a precise meaning, indicating a precise emotional state.
Social threefoldingAnthroposophical SocietyAnthroposophyRudolf Steiner

Question 6: W.E. Butler has connected auras with ________ and etheric, mental, and emotional emanations.
TelepathyExtrasensory perceptionClairvoyanceParapsychology

Question 7: ________, The Human Aura. Astral Colors and Thought Forms, Advanced Thought Publishing, Chicago, 1916.
William Walker AtkinsonAlice BaileyHelena BlavatskyNew Thought

Question 8: Skeptics such as Robert Todd Carroll contend that auras may be seen for explainable reasons such as ________ or synesthesia.
MigraineHeadacheCluster headacheTension headache


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