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Aulus Gellius: Quiz


Question 1: He is famous for his Attic Nights, a ________, or compilation of notes on grammar, philosophy, history, and other subjects, preserving fragments of many authors and works who otherwise might be unknown today.
Commonplace bookRenaissanceHenry David ThoreauAmos Bronson Alcott

Question 2: He was educated in ________, after which he returned to Rome, where he held a judicial office.

Question 3: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Public domainCopyrightCopyright infringementIntellectual property

Question 4: The precise date of his birth, as of his death, is unknown; but from the names of his teachers and companions he must have lived under Hadrian, ________, and Marcus Aurelius.
CommodusAntoninus PiusLucius VerusTrajan

Question 5: He travelled much, especially in Greece, and resided for a considerable period at ________.

Question 6: He was appointed by the ________ to act as an umpire in civil causes; and subsequently much of the time which he would gladly have devoted to literary pursuits was occupied by judicial duties of a similar description.
Roman EmperorAncient RomeRoman RepublicPraetor

Question 7: One story is Androcles, which is often compiled into collections of ________'s fables (but is not found there).

Question 8: 125 AD—after 180 AD), was a ________ author and grammarian, who was probably born and certainly brought up at Rome.
Vulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld LatinLatin

Question 9: He was of good family and connections, possibly of African origin, but he was probably born and certainly brought up at ________.


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