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Question 1: The Latin title of the ________ was usually "Imperator Augustus", which conveys the modern understanding of "emperor" rather than the original Roman sense (i.e., the "first citizen" of the Republic).
Holy Roman EmpireLouis IV, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman EmperorCharles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 2: Augustus (plural augusti), Latin for "majestic," "the increaser," or "venerable", was an Ancient Roman title, which was first held by ________ and subsequently came to be considered one of the titles of what are now known as the Roman Emperors.

Question 3: ________, becoming "Augusta" under her last husband Claudius, would adhere to this model, being sent to death by her son Nero a few years after he had become Emperor.
AugustusAgrippina the ElderAgrippina the YoungerValeria Messalina

Question 4: The last Roman emperor to rule in the West, ________ became known as Augustulus, or 'little Augustus,' due to the unimportance of his reign.
Julius NeposRomulus AugustulusZeno (emperor)Constantine I

Question 5: After the fall of the empire the word was not uncommon as a name for men of aristocratic birth in Europe, especially in the lands of the ________.
FranciaGerman EmpireByzantine EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 6: Upon accession to the ________, the new Emperor usually adopted at least one of these titles and integrated it into their official name.
Lavender (color)Violet (color)Red-violetPurple

Question 7: Later, under the ________, the rank of "augustus" referred to the two senior Emperors (in East and West), while "caesar" referred to the junior sub-Emperors.
TetrarchyRoman EmpireAncient RomeRoman Emperor

Question 8: In this usage, by signifying the complete assumption of all Imperial powers, "Augustus" is roughly analogous to "________", though a modern reader should be careful not to project onto the ancients a modern, monarchical understanding of what an emperor is.
Byzantine EmpireEmperorPrinceCoronation

Question 9: The first woman to receive it was Livia Drusilla, by the last will of her husband ________ (14 AD).
Roman EmperorTiberiusAugustusDomitian

Question 10: In many ways, "augustus" is comparable to the British dignity of prince; it is a personal title, dignity, or attribute rather than a title of nobility such as ________ or king.


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