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Auguste and Louis Lumière: Quiz


Question 1: The Lumières went on tour with the cinématographe in 1896 - visiting ________, London, New York and Buenos Aires.
Nariman PointNavi MumbaiMumbaiSalsette Island

Question 2: Max and Emil Skladanowsky, inventors of the Bioskope, had offered projected moving images to a paying public one month earlier (November 1, 1895, in ________).

Question 3: October 19, 1862(1862-10-19)
April 10, 1954 (aged 91) (________, France)

Question 4: The scientific chronophotography devices developed by ________, Etienne-Jules Marey and Ottomar Anschütz in the 1880s were able to produce moving photographs, as was Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope, premiered in 1891.
FilmSacramento, CaliforniaEadweard MuybridgeThe Photographer

Question 5: They patented a number of significant processes leading up to their film camera - most notably ________ (originally implemented by Emile Reynaud) as a means of advancing the film through the camera and projector.
16 mm filmCinemaScope35 mm filmFilm perforations

Question 6: Their actuality films, or actualités, are often cited as the first, primitive ________.
Political cinemaDirect CinemaDocumentary filmCinéma vérité

Question 7: The brothers stated that "the cinema is an ________ without any future" and declined to sell their camera to other filmmakers such as Georges Méliès.
Dutch inventions and discoveriesFrench inventions and discoveriesInventionEnglish inventions and discoveries

Question 8: ________ had been shooting moving picture sequences on paper film as soon as 1888, but had never performed a public demonstration.
LondonUnited KingdomLeedsLouis Le Prince

Question 9: The Lumière brothers were born in Besançon, ________, in 1862 and 1864, and moved to Lyon in 1870, where both attended La Martiniere, the largest technical school in Lyon.
FranceCanadaItalyUnited Kingdom


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