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Augur: Quiz


Question 1: Political, military and civil actions were sanctioned by augury, which had been historically performed by priests of the college of ________ and by haruspices on behalf of senior magistrates.
AugurImperial cult (ancient Rome)Pontifex MaximusAncient Rome

Question 2: [38] Another example was the ceremony in 3 AD, when the Prefect Grand Augur performed a ritual to determine whether or not it was auspicious for ________'s daughter to become the empress.
Ruzi YingEmpress Wang ZhengjunHan DynastyWang Mang

Question 3: The augur was a priest and official in the classical world, especially ________ and Etruria.
Ancient RomeRoman EmpireClassical antiquityRoman Republic

Question 4: The office of ________ eventually became a de facto consular prerogative.
Roman mythologyPontifex MaximusRoman festivalsAncient Rome

Question 5: haruspicina, consultation of the ________) augury appears to be autochthonous and originally Latin or Italic.
Sibylline BooksReligion in ancient RomeApolloImperial cult (ancient Rome)

Question 6: In the later Republic, augury came under the supervision of the college of pontifices, a priestly-magistral office whose powers were increasingly woven into the ________.
Ancient RomePraetorRoman consulCursus honorum

Question 7: It sufficed to say that the augur or magistrate had heard a clap of thunder to suspend the convocation of the ________.
Legislative Assemblies of the Roman RepublicConstitution of the Roman RepublicHistory of the Constitution of the Roman RepublicCentury Assembly

Question 8: In the Regal period tradition holds that there were three augurs at a time; by the time of ________, they had reached fifteen in number.
Julius CaesarPompeyLucius Cornelius SullaAlexander the Great

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