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Auditory processing disorder: Quiz


Question 1: Physical activities that require frequent crossing of the midline (e.g., ________)
PsychologyDietitianAllied health professionsOccupational therapy

Question 2: SLI is more specifically a problem associated with the linking of words, both written and spoken, to ________ (meaning) and someone can have both APD and SLI.
LinguisticsPragmaticsSemanticsFormal semantics

Question 3: APD may be related to ________,[17] a fluency disorder marked by word and phrase repetitions.
StutteringClutteringAlzheimer's diseaseAphasia

Question 4: It may result from ear infections, head injuries or developmental delays that cause ________ difficulties that affect processing of auditory information.
Grey matterCentral nervous systemNeuronWhite matter

Question 5: prefer ________ (e.g.
Latin alphabetWritingWriting systemAlphabet

Question 6: It is not a sensory (inner ear) ________; individuals with APD usually have normal peripheral hearing ability.
PresbycusisSensorineural hearing lossHearing impairmentTinnitus

Question 7: In adults this can lead to persistent ________ problems.
LoveFriendshipPolyamoryInterpersonal relationship


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