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Question 1: ________ or headphones convert an electrical audio signal into sound.
Loudspeaker enclosureSubwooferLoudspeakerTweeter

Question 2: An audio signal is a representation of ________ waves in a different form.
SoundParticle velocitySound pressureFrequency

Question 3: ________ convert sound pressure waves into voltage, an electrical audio signal.
Hard disk driveMicrophoneCentral processing unitSound card

Question 4: To measure electric energy in an audio signal, decibels are used in relation to either power (dBm) or voltage (________ or dBv, and dBV).
Noise (electronics)LogarithmDecibelSound pressure

Question 5: Electric energy flows through a circuit as ________.
Electrical networkMultimeterVoltageElectric current


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