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Question 1: Frequencies above 20,000 Hz can sometimes be sensed by young people, but high frequencies are the first to be affected by ________ due to age and/or prolonged exposure to very loud noises.
Sensorineural hearing lossHearing impairmentTinnitusPresbycusis

Question 2: While the range of frequencies that any individual can hear is largely related to environmental factors, the generally accepted standard range of audible frequencies is 20 to 20,000 ________.
Pascal (unit)VoltHertzJoule

Question 3: An audio frequency (abbreviation: AF), or audible frequency is characterized as a periodic vibration whose ________ is audible to the average human.
SoundElectromagnetic radiationFrequencyWave

Question 4: The acoustic ________ is a tool which converts a sound wave into a acoustic spectrogram.
Discrete Fourier transformSpectrum analyzerAcoustic phoneticsAnalog-to-digital converter

Question 5: This is of particular interest in the fields of law enforcement and ________.
Forensic entomologyForensic scienceForensic anthropologyCSI effect

Question 6: Frequencies below 20 Hz can usually be felt rather than heard, assuming the ________ of the vibration is high enough.
AmplitudeCrest factorWaveMeasuring instrument


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