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Question 1: Self oscillation occurs when the resonance or ________ of the filter is set so high as to cause the filter circuitry to generate a tone on its own after it has been excited by an impulse.
Harmonic oscillatorDampingLC circuitQ factor

Question 2: Self oscillation is a term usually used when describing a voltage controlled filter of an ________.
Modular synthesizerMoog synthesizerRoland CorporationAnalog synthesizer

Question 3: In more complex cases, an audio filter can provide a feedback loop, which introduces ________ (ringing) alongside attenuation.
ResonatorQ factorResonanceMechanical resonance

Question 4: Many types of filters exist for applications including graphic equalizers, synthesizers, ________, CD players and virtual reality systems.
Audio signal processingDelay (audio effect)Digital audio editorSound effect

Question 5: Generically, the term 'audio filter' can be applied to mean anything which changes the timbre, ________ content, pitch or waveform of an audio signal.
OctaveHarmonicUnisonPerfect fourth

Question 6: Non-linear filters are also used in audio applications: for example, compressors, fuzz boxes, ________.
Karlheinz StockhausenSynthesizerChick CoreaRing modulation

Question 7: Audio filters can be implemented in analog circuitry as ________ or in DSP code or computer software as digital filters.
Mechanical filterPassive analogue filter developmentConstant k filterElectronic filter

Question 8: An audio filter is a circuit, working in the audio frequency range, that processes ________ signals.
Particle velocitySoundSound intensitySound pressure


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