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Audio compression (data): Quiz


Question 1: Such formats include MPEG-4 SLS (Scalable to Lossless), ________, and OptimFROG DualStream.
Free Lossless Audio CodecWavPackSpeexMonkey's Audio

Question 2: Audio compression ________ are implemented in computer software as audio codecs.
AlgorithmAlgorithm characterizationsLogicAlan Turing

Question 3: Meridian Lossless Packing, used in DVD-Audio, Dolby TrueHD, ________ and HD DVD
Optical disc authoringVersatile Multilayer DiscChina Blue High-definition DiscBlu-ray Disc

Question 4: ________, used in Super Audio CD
DVD-AudioBlu-ray DiscSuper Audio CDCompact Disc

Question 5: Audio compression is a form of data compression designed to reduce the transmission bandwidth requirement of digital audio streams and the storage size of ________.
Free Lossless Audio CodecWAVAudio file formatContainer format (digital)

Question 6: This is in contrast to the irreversible changes upon playback from lossy compression techniques such as Vorbis and ________.
MP3Audio compression (data)MPEG-1Advanced Audio Coding

Question 7: The world's first commercial broadcast automation audio compression system was developed by Oscar Bonello, an Engineering professor at the ________.
University of BelgranoInstituto Universitario Nacional del ArteUniversity of BolognaUniversity of Buenos Aires

Question 8: However, they are very popular with end users (particularly ________), as a megabyte can store about a minute's worth of music at adequate quality.
Advanced Audio CodingAudio compression (data)MP3MPEG-1


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