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Audacious Media Player: Quiz


Question 1: General plugins, which provide user-added services to the player (such as sending tracks with ________)

Question 2: ________ via native OS synthesizer control or TiMidity.
Universal Serial BusBus (computing)EIA-422Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 3: Audacious owes a large portion of its functionality to ________, including all codecs.
Adobe FlashNetscape (web browser)Mozilla FirefoxPlug-in (computing)

Question 4: Audacious has full support for ________ 2 skins, and as of version 1.2, some free-form skinning is possible.
WinampAmarok (software)Songbird (software)MediaMonkey

Question 5: Audacious is a ________-based free software media player for POSIX systems, such as Linux.
Desktop environmentX Window SystemGraphical user interfaceWidget toolkit

Question 6: With Audacious, on most systems, a useful set of plugins is installed by default, providing the ability to play MP3, Ogg Vorbis and ________ files.
CELTWavPackSpeexFree Lossless Audio Codec


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