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Question 1: Auðumbla (also spelled Auðumla, Auðhumbla or Auðhumla) is the primeval cow of ________.
OdinThorNorse mythologyNorse paganism

Question 2: She is attested in Gylfaginning, a part of ________'s Prose Edda, in association with Ginnungagap and Ymir.
Snorri SturlusonElfThorAsgard

Question 3: The -(h)um(b)la suffix is unclear but, judging from apparent cognates in other ________, could mean "polled cow".
Old NorseWest Germanic languagesGermanic languagesNorth Germanic languages

Question 4: While many of Rydberg's theories were dismissed as fanciful by later scholars his work on ________ was sound to a large extent.
Christian mythologyProto-Indo-European religionCreation mythComparative mythology


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