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Question 1: Some believe the curse struck twice that year, since in November Michael O'Donoghue died of a ________.
Cerebral hemorrhageIntracranial hemorrhageSubarachnoid hemorrhageEpidural hematoma

Question 2: Peter Gzowski's afterword adds some historical context, and elaborates on the satirized real-life counterparts of several of the novel's minor characters, including ________.
VancouverTorontoPierre BertonWhitehorse, Yukon

Question 3: After Belushi's death the part was offered to comedian ________, who accepted it in 1988.
Bill HicksChris RockRodney DangerfieldSam Kinison

Question 4: The movie was also referenced in the commentary track for 2004's Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, in which Adam McKay repeatedly pitches a screenplay called "Eskimo in New York" to ________.
David KoechnerJack BlackFrat PackWill Ferrell

Question 5: In the novel, Atuk is a Canadian Eskimo poet from Baffin Island who gets transplanted to Toronto, however in the proposed film screenplay Atuk is a native of ________ who ends up in New York City.
AlaskaWashingtonUnited StatesNorthwestern United States

Question 6: The Atuk Curse has become one of the better known urban legends of ________.
Western United StatesNew EnglandHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnited States

Question 7: Atuk is most infamous, however, for supposedly being ________ and, at least partly responsible for the deaths of several major comedic actors in the 1980s and 1990s.
Magic (paranormal)Sports-related cursesMike KrukowCurse

Question 8: Its first victim, supposedly, was ________, who had read the script and was reportedly enthusiastic about taking on the role of Atuk.
John BelushiChevy ChaseBill MurrayDan Aykroyd

Question 9: Atuk (Inuit for "Grandfather") is the name of an as-yet-unfilmed American film screenplay, intended to be a film adaptation based upon the 1963 novel The Incomparable Atuk by acclaimed ________ author Mordecai Richler.
BarbadosBelizeUnited KingdomCanada

Question 10: In the film adaptation, Atuk was to be the son of an Inuit woman and a ________ who dreams of seeing the world outside of the Inuit territory of Alaska.
MissionaryChristianityIslamState religion

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