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Attention: Quiz


Question 1: Some research has suggested that the inability to pay attention often leads to ________, rather than boredom leading to inattention.
BoredomDisgustGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelEcstasy (emotion)

Question 2: ________ temporarily stores information for detailed analysis.
Working memoryLong-term memoryExceptional memoryPsychogenic amnesia

Question 3: In a recent review, Knudsen[11] describes a more general model which identifies four core processes of attention, with ________ at the center:
Long-term memoryWorking memoryExceptional memoryPsychogenic amnesia

Question 4: At the top of the hierarchy, the frontal eye fields (FEF) on the dorsolateral ________ contain a retinocentric spatial map.
Insular cortexCerebrumHuman brainFrontal lobe

Question 5: In a typical experiment, subjects would use a set of headphones to listen to two streams of words in different ________ and selectively attend to one stream.
BreastSensory systemEarPenis

Question 6: In many cases attention produces changes in the ________.
EpilepsyElectroencephalographyNervous systemNeurosurgery

Question 7: With the development of these technological innovations neuroscientists became interested in this type of research that combines sophisticated experimental paradigms from ________ with these new brain imaging techniques.
Cognitive psychologyNeuropsychologyCognitive neuropsychologyMemory

Question 8: A relatively new body of research is investigating the phenomenon of ________ and their effects on attention.
Cerebral contusionTraumatic brain injuryConcussionEpidural hematoma

Question 9: [2] Attention is one of the most intensely studied topics within psychology and ________.
NeuropsychologyCognitive psychologyCognitive neuroscienceBehavioral neuroscience

Question 10: Certain automatic responses that influence attention, like orienting to a highly salient stimulus, are mediated subcortically by the ________.
Human brainOculomotor nucleusEdinger-Westphal nucleusSuperior colliculus

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