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Attachment measures: Quiz


Question 1:
Attachment measures, Love and Adultery are all:
Love Attachment theory Human development Interpersonal relationships

Question 2:
Attachment measures, Attachment theory and Harry Harlow are all:
Human development Attachment theory Interpersonal relationships Love

Question 3:
Attachment measures, Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Puberty are all:
Interpersonal relationships Attachment theory Love Human development

Question 4: One study was conducted in North ________ [19 ] in which more avoidant (A) infants were found than global norms would suggest, and the other in Sapporo, Japan [20] where more resistant (C) infants were found.

Question 5: Affectional bondAttachment in adultsAttachment in children________Attachment measuresAttachment parenting
Bipolar disorderDisinhibited attachment disorderAttachment disorderReactive attachment disorder

Question 6: This method is designed to pick up not only ________ but also Zeannah et al.'s (1993) suggested new alternative categories of disorders of attachment.
Mental disorderBipolar disorderDisinhibited attachment disorderReactive attachment disorder

Question 7:
Attachment measures, Sexual intercourse and Maslow's hierarchy of needs are all:
Interpersonal relationships Love Human development Attachment theory

Question 8:
Attachment measures, Rorschach test and Beck Depression Inventory are all:
Clinical psychology tests Interpersonal relationships Human development Attachment theory

Question 9: It was developed by ________, a developmental psychologist[1] Originally it was devised to enable children to be classified into the attachment styles known as secure, anxious-avoidant and anxious-ambivalent.
Attachment in childrenAttachment theoryMary AinsworthJohn Bowlby


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