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Question 1: ________ have a four-chambered heart which includes the right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle, and left ventricle. The right atrium receives de-oxygenated blood from the superior vena cava, inferior vena cava and coronary sinus.
MindHomoHuman evolutionHuman

Question 2: It may be the atrium of the lateral ventricle in the brain or the ________ collection chamber of a heart.
BloodRed blood cellBlood plasmaPlatelet

Question 3: There is at least one atrium in animals with a ________.
Myocardial infarctionFetal circulationHeartCirculatory system

Question 4: In other vertebrate groups, the ________ is much more complicated.
Myocardial infarctionCirculatory systemFetal circulationHeart

Question 5: In ________, the circulatory system is very simple: a two-chambered heart including one atrium and one ventricle.
Fish anatomyFishForage fishPelagic fish

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