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Question 1: See ________.
Extension of the periodic table beyond the seventh periodNoble gasHalogenMetal

Question 2: In ________, the state of an atom, i.e.
Schrödinger equationQuantum mechanicsWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanics

Question 3: The electron will eventually lose energy (by releasing a ________) and drop into the lower orbital.
QuarkAtomStandard ModelPhoton

Question 4: Any discussion of the shapes of electron orbitals is necessarily imprecise, because a given electron, regardless of which orbital it occupies, can at any moment be found at any distance from the nucleus and in any direction due to the ________.
Wave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsQuantum mechanicsUncertainty principle

Question 5: The principal quantum number n is always a ________.
Cardinal numberOrdinal numberReal numberNatural number

Question 6: [2] Specifically, atomic orbitals are the possible ________ of an individual electron in the collection of electrons around a single atom, as described by the orbital function.
Wave functionBra-ket notationQuantum stateQuantum mechanics

Question 7: The three p-orbitals for n=2 have the form of two ________ with a point of tangency at the nucleus (sometimes referred to as a dumbbell).
LatitudeOblate spheroidEllipseEllipsoid

Question 8: Immediately after ________ formulated his uncertainty relation, it was noted by Bohr that the existence of any sort of wave packet implies uncertainty in the wave frequency and wavelength, since a spread of frequencies is needed to create the packet itself.
Werner HeisenbergGerman nuclear energy projectWalther BotheEnrico Fermi

Question 9: 1s2 2s2 2p6 for the ground state of ________ -- term symbol: 1S0).

Question 10: These states are labelled by a set of ________ summarized in the term symbol and usually associated to particular electron configurations, i.e.
AtomQuantum numberParity (physics)Azimuthal quantum number


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