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Question 1: It is thought that Venus and Mars may have both lost much of their water when, after being photodissociated into hydrogen and oxygen by solar ________, the hydrogen escaped.
X-rayUltravioletElectromagnetic spectrumVisible spectrum

Question 2: ________, the force that holds down an atmosphere, differs significantly among the planets.
MarsStarSurface gravityEarth

Question 3: The Earth's atmosphere consists, from the ground up, of the troposphere (which includes the planetary boundary layer or peplosphere as lowest layer), stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere (which contains the ________ and exosphere) and also the magnetosphere.
Atmospheric electricityRadio propagationGeomagnetic stormIonosphere

Question 4: ________'s magnetic field helps to prevent this, as, normally, the solar wind would greatly enhance the escape of hydrogen.

Question 5: ________, in the nearer part of its orbit, has an atmosphere of nitrogen and methane similar to Triton's, but these gases are frozen when farther from the Sun.
PlutoHaumea (dwarf planet)(55636) 2002 TX300Makemake (dwarf planet)

Question 6: The wind transports ________ and other particles which erodes the relief and leaves deposits (eolian processes).
Air pollutionDustParticulateRoad

Question 7: The low temperatures and higher gravity of the gas giants________, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — allows them to more readily retain gases with low molecular masses.
Ganymede (moon)Callisto (moon)JupiterIo (moon)

Question 8: Initial atmospheric makeup is generally related to the chemistry and temperature of the local ________ during planetary formation and the subsequent escape of interior gases.
SunFormation and evolution of the Solar SystemSolar SystemEarth

Question 9: The ________, which absorbs ultraviolet energy from the Sun, is located primarily in the stratosphere, at altitudes of 15 to 35 km.
IonosphereOzone depletionThermosphereOzone layer

Question 10: ________, theoretically, may also retain thick atmospheres.
Extrasolar planetDesert planetRogue planetBinary star


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