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Question 1:
Where does Atlas Mountains come from?
Morocco, Algeria and Spain
Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco
Southern Algeria, Northern Chad

Question 2: The basement rock of most of Africa was formed in the ________ (approximately 4.5 billion years ago) and is much older than the Atlas mountains lying in Africa.
ProterozoicPrecambrianHadeanGeologic time scale

Question 3: The Middle Atlas is the westernmost of three Atlas Mountains chains that define a large, plateaued basin extending eastward into ________.

Question 4: Near Barrage Cavagnac, there is a hydroelectric ________ that has created the artificial lake Lalla Takerkoust.
Water turbineHydroelectricityDamHydropower

Question 5: A second phase took place during the ________ Era (before ~65 My) and consisted of a widespread extension of the Earth's crust that rifted and separated the continents mentioned above.
CretaceousGeologic time scaleDinosaurMesozoic

Question 6: On the heights of Ouarzazate the massif is cut through by the ________ which opens southward.
Draa RiverSaadi dynastyBerber peopleMorocco

Question 7: The mountains are or were home to a number of plant and animal species unique in Africa (often more like those of Europe) many of them are ________ and some have already gone extinct.
CheetahTigerEndangered speciesPolar bear

Question 8: To the north, in the direction of ________, the range descends less abruptly.

Question 9: The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the ________ Desert.
TénéréSaharaAntarcticaThar Desert

Question 10: There are deposits of iron ore, lead ore, copper, silver, mercury, rock salt, phosphate, marble, ________, and natural gas among other resources.
AnthraciteAppalachian MountainsUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

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