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Question 1: The transverse processes are large; they project laterally and downward from the lateral masses, and serve for the attachment of ________ which assist in rotating the head.
Head and neck anatomyFasciaMuscleTorso

Question 2: the posterior transmitting the ________ (medulla spinalis) and its membranes
Grey matterSpinal cordHuman brainNervous system

Question 3: The atlas is the topmost vertebra, and – along with the Axis – forms the joint connecting the ________ and spine.
Human skullHead and neck anatomySkullBone

Question 4: This article was originally based on an entry from a ________ edition of Gray's Anatomy. As such, some of the information contained within it may be outdated.
Intellectual propertyCopyrightPublic domainCopyright infringement

Question 5: In anatomy, the atlas (C1) is the topmost (first) ________ of the spine.
Atlas (anatomy)Cervical vertebraeSacrumThoracic vertebrae

Question 6: It is named for the Atlas of ________, because it supports the globe of the head.
Greek mythologyMythologyMyth and ritualReligion and mythology


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