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Athletic shoe: Quiz


Question 1: [4] Although there is no hard evidence suggesting this, the shoes were found only a few miles away from the birthplace of basketball,[citation needed] and two years after the ________ was invented.
Board gameVideo gameTabletop gameGame

Question 2: Casual sneakers like the Air Force One (Nike) or Superstar (Adidas) have become icons in today's ________.
Popular culture studiesGlobalizationWestern culturePopular culture

Question 3: Athletic shoe is a generic name for the the the footwear primarily designed for sports or other forms of ________.
ObesityPhysical exerciseMajor depressive disorderStrength training

Question 4: Plimsolls (English English) are indoor athletic shoes, and are also called sneakers in American English and daps in ________.
ScouseWelsh EnglishWest Country dialectsBritish English

Question 5: The shoes themselves are made of flexible compounds, typically featuring a sole made of dense ________.
PolymerLatexNatural rubberEngland

Question 6: High-end marathon running shoes will often come in different shapes suited to different foot types, ________ etc.
WalkingTerrestrial locomotionGaitBipedalism

Question 7: One of, if not the largest, endorsements was to Chicago player ________, for a contract with Nike to make his own signature line of shoes and apparel.
Kareem Abdul-JabbarDavid Robinson (basketball)Larry BirdMichael Jordan

Question 8: The idea of a "sneaker" did not come along until an American inventor, ________, patented the process for the vulcanization of rubber.
Charles GoodyearConnecticutBostonNew Haven, Connecticut

Question 9: Soon there were shoes for football, jogging, basketball, ________—every sport had its own shoe.
WalkingRunningGait (human)Bipedalism

Question 10: When the ________ were revived, this attracted more fans not only to sports, but to sneakers as well.
Olympic GamesNetballWomen's sportsRoller derby


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