Athletic director: Quiz

Question 1: ________ have someone who performs this duty at least on a part-time basis; some school districts have a full-time director of athletics.
Secondary educationHigh schoolGymnasium (school)Public school (government funded)

Question 2: Although technically in charge of all of the coaches, they are often far less well-compensated and also less famous, with few having their own television and ________ programs as many coaches now do.
Amateur radioRadio broadcastingMicrowaveRadio

Question 3: At a few institutions where ________ was the predominant sport the head men's basketball coach was treated similarly.
Olympic GamesNational Basketball AssociationBasketballIce hockey

Question 4: This was usually done in a nominal sense, giving the coach additional prestige, additional pay, and the knowledge that the only supervision that he was under was that of the college ________ or chancellor and perhaps an athletics committee, and such supervision was often token.
PresidentOfficial residencePrime ministerUnited States

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