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Asynchronous communication: Quiz


Question 1:
When was the Asynchronous communication?
June 2009

Question 2: Asynchronous communication at the data link layer or higher protocol layers is known as statistical multiplexing or packet mode communication, for example ________ (ATM).
Asynchronous Transfer ModeIntegrated Services Digital NetworkOSI modelPhysical Layer

Question 3: The opposite is circuit switched communication, which provides constant bit rate, for example ________ and SONET/SDH.
Integrated Services Digital NetworkOSI modelPhysical LayerUniversal Serial Bus

Question 4: Examples are file transfer, email and the ________.
InternetHTMLNetscapeWorld Wide Web

Question 5: Examples of packet mode data link protocols that can be/are transferred using synchronous serial communication are the HDLC, ________, PPP and USB protocols.
EthernetMedia Access ControlToken ringEthernet physical layer

Question 6: An example of the opposite, a synchronous communication service, is realtime streaming media, for example ________, IP-TV and video conferencing.
E-mailFidoNetVideoconferencingVoice over Internet Protocol

Question 7: Other examples of synchronous serial communication are ________ using MNP3 or V.5 standards or later.
Wi-FiModemOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingDial-up Internet access

Question 8: Alternatively the clock signal may be retrieved from a self-clocking line code method such as ________ used in Firewire and Manchester code used in Ethernet.
Non-return-to-zero8b/10b encoding64b/66b encodingCoded mark inversion

Question 9: Examples are the ________C serial standard, and MNP2 and V.2 modems and older.
Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitterRS-232Universal Serial BusSerial communication

Question 10: In this case the asynchronously transferred blocks are called ________, for example ATM cells.
Transmission Control ProtocolPacket (information technology)InternetInternet Protocol Suite


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