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Asuristan: Quiz


Question 1: The main language spoken was ________, or Assyrian Aramaic.
Arabic languageAkkadian languageAramaic languageSemitic languages

Question 2: [5] Its inhabitants were mostly working in ________ or as traders and merchants.
Organic farmingSustainable agricultureIntensive farmingAgriculture

Question 3: The territory was taken during the fall of the ________.
Seleucid EmpireIlkhanateParthian EmpireSassanid Empire

Question 4: [3] The province for the most part streched from Mosul to ________.
Achaemenid AssyriaAdiabeneSassanid EmpireMedes

Question 5: [1][2] The region was previously known as Mesopotamia and is nowadays known as ________.

Question 6: Asuristan (________) was a province of the Sassanid Empire (226651 AD).
Akkadian EmpireBabyloniaAssyriaSumer


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