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Question 1:
Who played Businessman the movie Astronomy?
William Edward Lewis
David Price
Marcos Loya
Hector Elizondo

Question 2: This is an 11-year fluctuation in ________ numbers.
Solar cycleSunspotCoronaSolar variation

Question 3: A few observatories have been constructed, such as the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Observatory ________, but gravitational waves are extremely difficult to detect.
Laser Interferometer Space AntennaEinstein TelescopeLIGOGEO 600

Question 4: [22] It was left to Newton's invention of ________ and his law of gravitation to finally explain the motions of the planets.
AstrophysicsClassical mechanicsAlhazenCelestial mechanics

Question 5: [56] Planetary nebulae and supernovae are necessary for the distribution of ________ to the interstellar medium; without them, all new stars (and their planetary systems) would be formed from hydrogen and helium alone.
MetallicityStellar classificationNeutron starWhite dwarf

Question 6: ________ is the study of the advent and evolution of biological systems in the universe, with particular emphasis on the possibility of non-terrestrial life.
Planetary habitabilityExtraterrestrial lifeAstrobiologyEuropa (moon)

Question 7: At the center of the Sun is the core region, a volume of sufficient temperature and pressure for ________ to occur.
Aneutronic fusionNuclear fusionFusion powerNuclear fission

Question 8:
Who played Mr. Fisk the movie Astronomy?
Ben Hoag
William Edward Lewis
Marcos Loya
Hector Elizondo

Question 9: More recently the tracking of ________ will allow for predictions of close encounters, and potential collisions, with the Earth.
MeteoroidImpact eventCatalina Sky SurveyNear-Earth object

Question 10:
Who played Arlene the movie Astronomy?
Diana Bellamy
Diana Bellamy
Janet Carroll
Lisa Cloud


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