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Question 1: The ________ recommends au,[3] while international standard ISO 31-1 uses AU.
ParisRomeInternational Astronomical UnionMoscow

Question 2: By definition, the astronomical unit is dependent on the heliocentric gravitational constant, that is the product of the ________ G and the solar mass M.
Planck unitsPhysical constantGravitational constantForce

Question 3: ________ is 5.20 ± 0.05 AU from the Sun
Callisto (moon)Ganymede (moon)JupiterIo (moon)

Question 4: The calculation of ephemerides also requires a consideration of the effects of ________.
Introduction to general relativityGeneral relativityGravitationBlack hole

Question 5: A somewhat more accurate estimate can be obtained by observing the ________.
Geology of VenusTransit of VenusAtmosphere of VenusObservations and explorations of Venus

Question 6: It has to be taken into consideration that the distances between celestial bodies change in time due to their ________ and other factors.
OrbitOrbital elementsLagrangian pointOrbital mechanics

Question 7: In Europe, ________ was the first to realize that Ptolemy's estimate must be too low (according to Kepler, at least by a factor of three) in his Rudolphine Tables (1627).
Johannes KeplerScientific revolutionGalileo GalileiIsaac Newton

Question 8: ________'s orbit ranges between 76 and 942 AU from the Sun; Sedna is currently (as of 2009) about 88 AU from the Sun
(55637) 2002 UX25Eris (dwarf planet)(55636) 2002 TX30090377 Sedna

Question 9: The ________ begins at roughly 35 AU
Scattered discKuiper beltTrans-Neptunian objectOort cloud

Question 10: ________ is 1.52 ± 0.14 AU from the Sun
Deimos (moon)MarsWater on MarsPhobos (moon)


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