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Astronomical object: Quiz


Question 1: Astronomical objects are significant naturally occurring physical entities, associations or structures which current science has demonstrated to exist in ________.
VacuumSunUniverseOuter space

Question 2: The terms astronomical objects and astronomical bodies differ from celestial objects and celestial bodies only in that the latter terms do not include the ________[citation needed].

Question 3: A ________ may be described as a body, in reference to the frozen nucleus of ice and dust, or as an object, when describing the nucleus with its diffuse coma and tail.
CometSolar SystemSunCentaur (minor planet)

Question 4: Examples include the ________, moons, planets and stars.
CometAsteroid beltCeres (dwarf planet)Asteroid

Question 5: These objects range from single planets to star clusters, ________ or entire galaxies.
Orion NebulaGalaxyNebulaAstronomy


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